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Photography isn't just about knowing which way to move a few camera dials, pressing the shutter button, or knowing where to position your light. Photography is also about understanding how to use and manipulate light in different situations, working with different personalities, creating art, experimenting, and working hard to capture something meaningful and memorable.

I'm in awe when I see great lighting in an image. It's really amazing when someone's got it right. And getting it right not only means their lighting is gorgeous but what's happening in the image is believable or maybe the person's mannerisms or the look on their face at the time the image was shot is perfect. My non-scientific test is if the image doesn't evoke an emotion out of me or it doesn't make me believe that something magical is happening, I wouldn't take a second look. Maybe because the individuals are too posed, the expressions lackluster or contrived. For example, when you see a person smile in a portrait, do you believe it's a genuine smile? I usually don't until I see something else like that smile that also permeates through their eyes or the mood their body language is evoking. When I shoot I work towards that smile, that look, that something that tells me that what's happening is real, that what that person or couple is feeling is genuine. That's why we work hard to get to that point.

I've been shooting for over a decade. I've learned plenty but to this day I still make mistakes. And I've learned that with art, mistakes make you better. Each year I strive to be better than I was the year before. I am confident about my lighting skills, I love creating art, working with people who don't mind stepping out of the box, and I don't stop shooting until I've gotten what I'm looking for or I know we've accomplished what we set out to do. If you love art and you still want to work with me after I've spilled my beans, then by all means, please contact me. I want to work with you too.

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